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About Us

Welcome to www.cgpa-calculator.com

This is an online GPA/CGPA calculator free tool. We have designed this tool for students to easily calculate their GPA Result and CGPA results.

These tools include Advanced Futures which can easily convert any result to GPA or CGPA. You can get your GPA or CGPA results with just one click using our CGPA calculator.

This website contains many types of GPA and CGPA calculators. We are providing a GPA calculator for all exams like SSC, HSC, and JSC at the school and college levels.

There are also University level GPA and CGPA calculators for Honors, Master, or Degree Pass courses. By using these calculators you can calculate your result GPA or CGPA no matter what level you are.

The calculators you can use on our website are:

  1. JSC GPA Calculator
  2. SSC GPA Calculator
  3. HSC GPA Calculator
  4. Honors GPA/CGPA Calculator
  5. Degree GPA/CGPA Calculator
  6. Masters GPA/CGPA Calculator
  7. Grade Calculator

You can easily convert your results from GPA to CGPA by using the above-mentioned calculators from our website.

Also, we are going to add some new GPA and CGPA calculators to our website very soon. Stay with us to get the latest updates.