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Use this SSC GPA Calculator you can calculate average grade point of your SSC result within a minute. Without knowing any mathematical logic you will calculate your SSC GPA.

SSC GPA Calculator

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If you want to convert Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam result to GPA, you can use this calculator. From here you can easily calculate your SSC result in average grade point or GPA. Let’s use SSC GPA calculator.

Using the above calculator you can calculate your SSC exam result average grade points very easily. You don’t need to know advanced math to use this calculator. With a few clicks you can calculate your Secondary School Certificate (SSC) GPA Result.

Now we will know the rules to convert or calculate SSC exam results to average grade points or GPA in detail. Also, know more about the latest updated SSC grading system.

SSC Grading System 2024

According to the rules of the Secondary Education Board, the result of the SSC examination is still given in Grade Point Average (GPA). Now we will talk about this average grade point or GPA in detail. Learn how grades are awarded to examinees.

SSC Grading System & Grade Point

This grading system you can see above is applied in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam. According to this SSC grading system, (A + Grade) is given for 80 to 100 marks, which means a GPA of 5.00.

And then the number 70 to 79 is considered (A Grade) which is the point of GPA 4.00. Similarly, if you get 60 to 69 marks in SSC exam, (A- Grade) is given which has 3.50 points.

A student gets 50 to 59 in SSC exam, then given (B Grade) with a GPA point of 3.00. If you get 40 to 49 marks, it is considered (C Grade) whose point is GPA of 2.50.

A student who gets 33 to 39 marks in the SSC exam then will get (D Grade), whose point is GPA 2.00. And finally if a student scores below 33 i.e. 0 to 32, then he will get (F Grade). And F Grade GPA Points in SSC Examination is 0.00.

How to Calculate SSC GPA Result?

At this stage we will see how students can easily convert their results into Grade Point GPA using SSC GPA Calculator. Here we will show you step by step how to get your SSC CGPA result using the calculator.

SSC GPA Calculator

There are a few things about the calculator that you should understand before using it. As early as the group selection part. Then there is the grade format and grade selection part. We will discuss each part separately so that you can easily use this calculator. Let’s begin

Select Your SSC Group

First, you need to select the group. That is, in which group you have read in SSC or in which group you want to calculate the result GPA, you have to select the group from here.

ssc calculator group selection

If you are reading Humanities then you have to select Humanities, if you are reading in Science group then you have to select it and if you are in Business group then you have to select Business.

Select Grade Format

After group selection in calculator you have to select grade format. You will see the grade format at the top of the calculator, from there you have to select the format in which you want to calculate GPA.

SSC Grade Formate

As you can see in the above image, there are two options for the grade format. One is GPA and the other is points. If you want to calculate through GPA, you have to choose the grade in each subject. And if you select points then you have to input the points of each subject.

Choose Optional Subjects

After selecting the grade format, now you have to complete the optional subjects. No matter which group you study in, this group has some optional subjects. Those optional subjects should be selected in the SSC GPA calculator in this part.

SSC Optional Subject Select

As you can see in the above picture, you have to select your SSC group-wise optional subjects from the calculator. Although it is not important but when you check your GPA result your optional subjects will be there.

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Select Subject Wise Grade

After group selection, grade format selection and optional subject, the most important part is grade selection. At this stage you have to select the grade of your subject.

SSC Subject Wise Grade

As you can see in the above image, you have to select your subject wise grade in the calculator. That is, if you have got A plus in SSC exam in English, then you have to select A plus in the calculator. After that, if you get a minus in math, then you have to select the same grade in the calculator.

Remember it is very important to turn on your SSC GPA calculator. If the grade is not correct, your GPA result will not be correct. So select the subject wise grades in the calculator according to your SSC result.

SSC GPA Calculation Result

If you fill all the above steps correctly and click on calculate GPA button below then you will see the final SSC GPA result. This is the last step and here you will see the result of your calculation.

SSC GPA Calculation Result

A result will appear in front of you just as you can see in the above image. By using SSC GPA calculator you can convert such results very easily. You can get your SSC GPA result according to points and grades only by selecting subject wise grade or by inputting points.

SSC Exam Pass Mark

The pass mark in Secondary School Certificate SSC exam out of 100 marks is 33. That means a student should get 33 marks out of 100 subject wise to pass.

There are seven grades available for determining the results of the SSC examination. Where the highest grade is considered to be A+ and the lowest grade is D grade. And when a student fails is given F grade.

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SSC GPA Calculation FAQ

In this part I will share with you some important questions and their answers related to SSC GPA calculation. Hopefully you will get answers to your important questions from here.

What is SSC GPA?

SSC GPA is the result given through Grade Average Points in the Secondary School Certificate Examination. That is, this is the grade average point grading system of the SSC exam.

How to Calculate SSC GPA Result?

The easiest way to calculate SSC GPA Result is to use SSC GPA Calculator. By using SSC GPA calculator you can do SSC GPA calculator very easily without applying any kind of mathematical logic.

What is the pass mark in SSC exam?

To pass the SSC exam, a student must get at least 33 marks out of 100 marks. That is, if someone gets 33 out of 100 then he passes the SSC exam. But the grade point of 33 marks is 2.00 which is called D grade.


To do the SSC GPA calculator, you have to follow the rules of the grading system made by the Secondary Education Board. But if you use the SSC GPA calculator, you can calculate the average grade point (GPA) without applying any kind of mathematical logic. Thank you very much for using SSC GPA Calculator.