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Diploma CGPA Calculator

Diploma CGPA Calculator will help you easily calculate your BTEB Diploma course final CGPA result. If you are a Bangladesh Diploma student, you can try this Diploma CGPA Calculator.

This BTEB Grade and CGPA calculator will calculate your all-semester result according to Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) Probidhan. Enter your all-semester result in the calculator below.

Diploma CGPA Calculator

Calculate your final CGPA and grade according to any BTEB diploma regulations

Diploma students under Bangladesh Technical Education Board can calculate their Final CGPA results using this calculator. The advantage of using this calculator is that you don’t have to figure out your regulations separately.

You only need to fill in the regulation under which you study and input your semester result and the CGPA result will come to you. Besides, how to use this CGPA/Grade calculator will be discussed in detail now.

How to Calculate Diploma CGPA Result?

Now I will discuss in detail how to calculate the final CGPA result of all the students who are studying under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Here is a detailed discussion on how you can calculate your Eight Semester Final Grade / CGP Result using this Diploma CGPA Calculator.

Here we will discuss how you can calculate the final CGPA grade and CGPA points of your diploma course according to your own requirements. Apart from this, we will also discuss the updated regulations of diploma courses in this post. So let’s get started without delay.

Select Your Diploma Regulation (Probidhan)

The examination results are formulated as per the regulation of diploma courses under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. How much percent number priority will be given in a semester for the final exam is also decided according to the regulations. The latest regulations for diploma courses are the regulations of 2022.

diploma cgpa calculator probidhan

Apart from this, there is provision for diploma course students in previous years 2005, 2010, and 2016. You have to select the regulation under which you fall in the calculator while calculating your result.

At the time of admission, the dictionary under which the student is admitted must be mentioned in his admission paper and later in the exam admit card and question paper. So during the calculation, you must select the regulation under which you are reading. And it is certainly important. Because the results are different under each regulation.

Input Your Semester Wise GPA Result

Once the regulations are sealed you have to input your semester-wise diploma exam results in the calculator. That is, you have to input the GPA you have obtained in the semester starting from the first semester to the last eighth semester.

Diploma Semester GPA Result

Suppose you got a GPA of 3.50 in the first semester, it should be entered in the calculator within the first semester. Then you got 3.80 for the second semester of the diploma course and input it in the 2nd-semester box of the calculator.

In this way, the GP obtained for each semester from one to eight must be entered separately in the calculator. Of course, the semester-wise GPA result should be given in all the semesters. They are there from the first to the eighth semester in the calculator.

Diploma Final CGPA Result

After correctly selecting the program and inputting the results of GP for each semester in the calculator, you have to click on the calculate button. When you click on the calculate button, you will see your final diploma CGPA points and CGPA grade result at the top.

Diploma CGPA Calculator

As you can see in the above image, you will see your own CGPA points and final grade result in front of you. But for that, you must input the GPA result of each semester separately in the calculator. And in this case, it is important to select the right program.

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In this way, you can easily calculate the CGPA result of the diploma course under the Technical Education Board without knowing any kind of calculation or mathematical logic. At the same time, you will see the final grade result calculator. Hope this BTEB diploma CGPA calculator will be useful for you.

Diploma Semester Wise GPA Priorities

The diploma course under Bangladesh Technical Education Board has a total of eight semesters. In these 8 semesters, according to the regulations of the Bangladesh Education Board, separate GP results are given in each semester.

And the final CGPA result is created by adding the results at different percentages on top of each semester’s GPA results.

Bangladesh Technical Education Board has made several different regulations. These regulations include two thousand five diploma regulations, 2010 diploma regulations, 2016 polytechnic regulations, and the latest 2020 diploma regulations.

Below is a list showing the semester-wise percentage of marks added for the Diploma Final CGPA calculation under which regulations.

1st Semester5%5%5%
2nd Semester5%5%5%
3rd Semester5%5%10%
4th Semester15%10%10%
5th Semester15%15%20%
6th Semester20%20%20%
7th Semester25%25%20%
8th Semester10%15%10%

In the above table, you must have noticed that the semesters from one to 8 are given on the left side. Then according to the regulation of 2010, the percentage of the number final CGPA is given priority in any semester.

Thus the percentage of GPA result of final CGPA result of regulation 2016 and 2022 is shown simultaneously on the right side. I hope you understand.

BTEB Grade Calculator

The full form of BTEB is Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Students can calculate their final grade with the grade calculator of the diploma course under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Students can check their semester results and final grade results only.

BTEB Grade Calculator is an essential tool for students. It is considered necessary for all students studying for the diploma. Students can use this calculator to calculate their academic results in their final CGPA and final grade result.

Diploma Grading System in Bangladesh

There is a separate grading system for diploma courses under Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Exams and results of students studying in diploma courses are evaluated by this diploma grading system. Now we will discuss in detail the diploma grading system of Bangladesh.

MarksLater GradeGrade Point (GPA)
80 – 100A +4.00
75 – 80A3.75
70 – 75A-3.50
65 – 70B3.25
60 – 65B+3.00
55 – 60B-2.75
50 – 65C+2.50
45 – 50C2.25
40 – 45D2.00
0 – 39F0.00
Diploma Grading System

Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) has published several different grading systems for polytechnic courses. This includes the Diploma Regulations 2005.

Through which the grading system of students studying diploma has been described. This regulation has determined how many percentage marks will be given priority for the final examination in which semester.

  • 2005 Probidhan
  • 2010 Probidhan
  • 2016 Probidhan
  • 2022 Probidhan

Although some changes have been brought in these regulations, everything is almost the same as before. However, in the last year 2022, a lot of changes have been brought in the diploma course.

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Polytechnic CGPA Calculator

According to Polytechnic Grading System, there are some rules for CGPA calculation. For Polytechnic CGPA calculation semester wise separate percentage GPA is counted to determine the final CGPA.

But this task will be done very easily for you by our Diploma CGPA or Polytechnic CGPA calculator. Students can easily get their final CGPA results by inputting their semester-wise results. In this case, it is possible to find out the final CGPA without knowing any kind of mathematical logic using a polytechnic CGP calculator.

Diploma CGPA Calculator FAQ

In this part, we will share with you some important questions and their answers about Diploma CGPA Calculator and Diploma CGPA Calculation. Hope you can get your desired answer from here.

What is CGPA for Diploma?

Diploma courses are available in polytechnic institutes under Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). All this is done to provide semester-wise GPA results. The results of the total eight semesters are averaged together to give the final CGPA result of the diploma course.

How is CGPA calculated for polytechnic?

To calculate the CGPA of the Polytechnic Diploma course, the GPA result of 8 semesters should be input into the calculator. Then 8-semester results together will give Polytechnic Diploma Course Finance CGPA Result.

What is the meaning of BTEB?

The full form of BTEB is Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Various types of diploma courses are running in polytechnic institutions. And lakhs of students are studying for all these diplomas.

Hope where you got your desired answers about Diploma CGPA Calculation. Also if you want to know more about this then you can contact us from our contact form or you can tell us in the comment section below this post.


This Diploma CGP Calculator is for students studying Diploma Courses in Polytechnic Institutions under Bangladesh Technical Education Board. By using this Diploma CGPA Calculator all students studying under Technical Education Board can calculate their final GPA points and final grading results. Thank you very much for being with us.