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Are you looking for a grade calculator to calculate your study grade? Then you have come to the right place. Students can easily calculate their school, college, or university grades by using our grade calculator.

You can easily calculate your study grade from here without knowing any kind of mathematical logic. And if you previously know how students calculate their grades using the grade calculator, then you can use it now.

Grade Calculator

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You can easily calculate your academic grade using this calculator. You can calculate the percentage grade you have earned in any academic year or class with the help of this Grade Calculator.

How Do You Calculate Your Grade?

The calculator you see above is the grade calculator. Now we will show you in detail how to calculate your grade using the calculator. In addition, now we will talk about how to calculate academic grades or grade points using the calculator.

Grade Calculator

For instance, semester-wise or year-wise great calculations you can do with this calculator very easily. But for this, you have to follow the rules to calculate your grade.

Select Your Grade

To calculate the grade in the grade calculator, the first thing you need to do is to select the grade of your assignment or exam letter. In other words, you get an A+ letter grade on an assignment or an exam in the first semester. In addition, you have to select this received letter in the calculator.

Input your Individual Grade Percentage

If you have selected subject-wise or exam-wise grades in the calculator. Then you will see the percentage result automatically. In this case, you don’t have to input the grade percentage again.

But if you want you can input only the percentage without making a grade selection. In this case too, if you input the percentage, you will see your subject-wise or exam-wise grade.

Input the Weight

The most important parameter in this calculator is called Weight. In addition, Academic Weight is the percentage of an exam or assignment that will be added to the final exam. For instance, it is calculated within 100% according to the Weighted grading system. That is, the number of marks a student gets in an assignment or an individual test, the percentage of marks added to the final exam is the weight.

Grade Calculator

In other words, suppose a student scored 8 out of 10 on his class test. After that, got 12 out of 15 marks in the assignment. And that subject got 35 marks in this midterm exam.

Now let’s say that 5 percent marks are added to the final exam marks from the marks given in the class test age. Similarly, 10% of the 15 marks in the assignment is added to the final exam. In addition, thirty percent of the number obtained in the exam is added to the final exam.

In other words, now all the percentages of all these subjects are added together and the grade point is added which is the final grade. After that, you can calculate this very easily using our calculator.

Grade Calculation Result

If you fill all the above things correctly with correct information then you will see the result of your great calculation. After that, at this stage, you can see the semester-wise result which percentage grade you have got in that semester.

Grade Calculator

Also, you can see year-wise results using this calculator only you have to assume year instead of a semester. However, the result will be the same for every semester or year only your calculation time will be assumed to be the year.

For instance, hopefully, this way you can easily calculate your Semester wise Grade using the Grade calculator.

Weighted grading system

Firstly, the weighted grading system is used to calculate an academic individual’s percentage standing that falls within 100%. That is, the weight of that subject is the percentage of marks that will be counted in the final exam from the number of marks you have obtained in any one assignment or subject in an academic semester.

Similarly, suppose you scored 13 out of 15 on a class test in the first semester. For instance, what percentage of marks in this class test will count in the final exam is weight.

Grade Calculator

Another example, suppose you got 35 out of 40 on your first-semester midterm exam. Similarly, now 20% of marks will count in the final exam from the marks obtained in the exam. However, this 20% number is midterm exam weight. That is, the weightage in the first-semester midterm exam is 20%.

Above all, the final grade percentage is calculated by calculating the semester weight. That is, in this way, you can calculate the final grade percentage by taking out the separate grade percentage for each semester.

Grade Calculator Mathematical Logic

The mathematical logic behind a grade calculator is similar to that of an easy grader calculator. It typically involves using a weighted average formula to calculate the final grade. The formula is typically something like this:

Final Grade = (Assignment 1 weight * Assignment 1 score) + (Assignment 2 weight * Assignment 2 score) + … + (Assignment n weight * Assignment n score) / (Total weight of all assignments)

The weights of the assignments and assessments should add up to 1 (or 100%) and the scores should be in the same unit as the percentage of the total grade that each assessment or assignment represents.

For example, if an exam is worth 30% of the final grade and the student scored 80 out of 100, and an assignment is worth 20% and the student scored 75 out of 100, and a participation grade is worth 50% and the student scored 90 out of 100, the final grade would be calculated as:

Final Grade = (0.3 * 80) + (0.2 * 75) + (0.5 * 90) / (0.3 + 0.2 + 0.5) = 76

This formula can be adjusted or modified depending on the system used by the school or institution. For example, instead of using a percentage of the total grade, some systems use point values for each assignment, in that case, the formula would be:

Final Grade = (Assignment 1 point * Assignment 1 score) + (Assignment 2 point * Assignment 2 score) + … + (Assignment n point * Assignment n score) / (Total point of all assignments)

Keep in mind that the formula may vary depending on the system used by the school or institution, but the basic logic is the same.

It’s also common to see different weighting systems for different types of assignments, for example, a test might have more weight than homework, or a group project might have a different weight than individual assignments.

Additionally, some systems may use different scales for grading, for example, some use letter grades (A, B, C, D, F), and others use percentages or points. Depending on the system, the calculator may need to convert the scores to a common scale before applying the formula.

Grade Calculator FAQ

Finally, at this stage, we will present to you some important questions and their answers about the Great Calculator. However, Students ask those questions to us many times. However, you will get the answer to your desired question from here.

What is Academic Grade Weight?

Academic grade weight is the percentage of the grade you earn on an assignment that contributes to or is counted toward the final exam.

What is the final grade?

The percentage marks you have secured in the semester-wise or year-wise examination and all the assignments together is called the final grade.

How do I know my grade weight?

To know your grade weight you need to do a simple calculation. Above all, the number obtained by dividing the marks you got by the percentage weight in that subject or exam is your grade weight.

Above all, from here you got the answers to your important questions. We have tried to discuss everything about great calculators and calculations so that you can easily calculate your grade from here. If you still have any questions about this calculation or our calculator, you can contact us from our contact page.


Finally, you can easily calculate your final grade from here. In addition, you can know your final grade only by inputting your year-based or semester-based grade without knowing any mathematical formulas. In conclusion, thank you very much for using the Grade Calculator.