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Difference Between A+ and Golden A+

Difference Between A+ and Golden A+

Today we will discuss the Difference Between A+ and Golden A+ in our education system. Here we will show you the differences and similarities between the normal A+ (Plus) and the Golden A + (Plus). Let’s start without delay.

What is A+ and Golden A+?

Golden A+ means that a student has obtained a GPA 5 (80+ marks) in all the subjects he has taken the exam. And if you get GPA-5 in all subjects, it is called A+ only.

But there is one thing that is that no grade called Golden A+ actually exists in the educational trading system of Bangladesh. Above all, the term Golden A+ is a common term created in the mind of people. People usually use two words A+ (Plus) and Golden A+ (Plus) to differentiate A+.

Difference Between A+ and Golden A+

There is no difference between normal A Plus and Golden A Plus. Because there is no grade E called Golden A Plus in our educational grading system. Let’s make it clear to you.

Difference Between A+ and Golden A+

If one does not get an A+ in one of the two subjects but gets an average of A+, those who get A+ are called A+. Besides, one gets A plus with four subjects, but if four subjects are excluded, A plus is not. Here we have created a grade of our own.

Firstly, Suppose a student has appeared in a total of 9 subjects, of which 1 is counted as an additional or optional subject. After that, apart from 2 of the GPA obtained in this optional subject, the rest is added to the GPA of other 8 subjects and divided by 8.

Now if a student gets A+ in 5 out of 8 mains subjects then his points will be 5 x 5 = 25

After that, there are 3 subjects left and if he gets only A then his points will be 3 x 4 = 12

A+ = 5-2 = 3 in optional subjects

So the total points of those students will be 25+12+3=40

Above all, if you divide 40 by 8 (the number of subjects without optional subjects), the result will be GPA-5.

Finally, thus the maximum GPA will be 5, that is, GPA is 5 even if GPA is greater than 5. In conclusion, It will never be Golden A+. That result will be GPA-5E. Hope you understand.

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What grade in how many marks?

In this section, we will discuss the number of grades given. We will see from the beginning to the end how many marks to get in any grade or how many marks are given which grade is given in detail.


According to this grading system, GPA of 1 is counted as a passing Grade. Except for the fourth subject, if no F Grade is obtained, the grade points obtained for all subjects are averaged. And these house points are determined and the results are provided.

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History of A+ and Goldaen A+

A Plus and Golden A Plus are the two highest grades in the education system of Bangladesh. It was first introduced in the SSC examination in 2001. From that time to the present time the results is make by this grading system.

The grading system of the SSC exam was introduced in 2001 and 76 students got a GPA 5 or a+ in that year. Since then it has been increasing every year.

From the years 2003 and 2004, this matter get so familiar to all and many students got A+ and Golden A+ every year. A+ and Golden A+ are generally two grades where Golden A+ is the highest grade and below that is GPA 5 or A+.


We have highlighted the Difference Between A+ and Golden A+ here today. I hope you understand and never use the word Golden A Plus again. Of course, you already know why not use it. Many thanks for reading this post.